Napa 6.0 Earthquake – August 24, 2014


6 thoughts on “Napa 6.0 Earthquake – August 24, 2014

    1. So lucky the scale wasn’t anymore higher than that. I live in the next city over the mountain but the force still managed to shook me awake in the middle of the night! Earthquakes are truly scary =(

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      1. I know what you mean. Romania is very active on this matter…We get small earthquakes everyday. Some you can feel, some you can’t. The last bigger earthquake was in 1977, and the country, especially the capital, was in ruins. 😦


      2. 😦 Hopefully the absence of strong earthquakes stay for a very long time and hopefully people have preparations from when disaster strikes. Btw, I like your blog and Romania too! Nice to meet you!

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      3. I don’t know if they will stay away for long. It might happen at anytime. Worse part is that we don’t really take care of the buildings or build consciously about this danger. I actually wrote a post on this…the outcome can be disastrous. Thank you for your kind words. I also love your posts so I’m looking forward to reading more! 🙂 Nice to meet you too and have a lovely evening!


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